Finding your spirit and reliving the myths of the Celtic age during the darkest time of the year.
Connecting with the dead during the dark time of the year and how this tradition has changed how we celebrate Halloween.
Life is SO unpredictable.
A Magickal RealityHey, so I know I’ve been absent from the community for a while. I wanted to let you know that Mythical Musings is back. Though I’m taking a brea…
Angels: Season 5We are celebrating a year of Mythical Musings, The Podcast! In our first year we met some gods and goddesses, chilled with some fairies, cast a …
Persephone: Destroying FaceListen now (33 min) | The familiar Greek myth about a young girl and how she took the Underworld by storm.
Persephone is known for being the wife of Hades, King of Hell, and Demeter's daughter - but who is she really and how has she impacted Greek mythology?
Ostara: Persephone's LightHappy Ostara! Did you know that the Spring Equinox is one of the most important sabbats of the year for Pagans? Named after Eostre, the goddess …
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