Fertility...of Life

The Summer Solstice has arrived...are you ready?

The season of light began at sundown on March 19, 2021. Spring’s epic Equinox is the turning of the wheel in the witches’ year. It signifies that we have overcome the darkness and bitter wrath of Demeter and her cruel winter and have finally seen her smile for us as she reunites with her daughter, Queen of the Underworld, Persephone.

But the Spring Equinox also signifies fertility. Fertility, often a touchy subject for so many prudish non-pagans, is often associated with child bearing. Many don’t realize that fertility can also be found in all different aspects of life including; dreams, goals, and our inner souls.

Fertility, another word for productiveness or “to produce,” is something each of us do in our daily lives. When we work towards a promotion or a raise. When we raise our young and watch them grow. When we cook for our loved ones and enjoy the harvest.

Essentially, with fertility comes abundance. With the spring comes the summer.

On June 19th - June 21st in the Western Hemisphere, we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. Summer is often a time of renewal and rebirth, as well as seeing the fruit of our labor bring us what took all year to “fertilize.”

It is no wonder so many animals mate in the Spring - so in the summer their little ones can enjoy the abundance of warmth, sunlight, and fresh air!

Helios, the spirit of the sun, is one great way to honor the solstice. By asking for his intersession to revive our spirits and praise him for his warmth and light, we can strengthen our own inner light; so, when autumn returns and the trees go bear for the inevitable winter, our light stays strong.

Be grateful for the abundance of summer, for it is the “"fertility of our labor” that has brought us ‘round again!

Happy Summer Solstice!