Kwan Yin

She who hears the cries of the world; the one that watches us all.

Over the years, Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy, has gently faded into the shadows of East Asian folk religions. But did you know that in ancient times, this goddess was once the most venerated not just in Eastern Asia, but all over the world?

Kwan Yin, also spelled in various different ways including Quan Yin, or Guan Yin; is the goddess who hears the cries of the world - the one that watches us all. In my opinion, she is the goddess the world needs right now.

The world has been watched and guarded by various gods and goddesses, but the pink lady who lived for over 2000 years in China, is perhaps the most unique of them all.

Living between the realms with pink dragons by her side, Kwan Yin continues to be revered in Buddhist cultures - as she is considered a bodhisattva of compassion. Chinese Taoists also continue to worship her even though over 218 of her dedicated shrines have been eradicated throughout the violent Cultural Revolution that lasted for 10 years in the country from 1966-1976.

In however she is worshipped, Kwan Yin transcends all that we know about spirituality and religion. To Catholics and many Christians, they liken this one-time Western recognized goddess to the Blessed Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalen. The Egyptians and some witches liken Kwan Yin to Isis.

Today, many us don’t recognize gods and goddesses as being a part of our way of life. But in ancient times; deities were recognized, revered, and sometimes feared for the power they held over the universe and our place within it.

Although many former heavily venerated deities have faded into the shadows, there presence can be heavily felt through our subconscious - when things happen that we just can’t explain. Kwan Yin holds a place within these shadows and like a candle in the dark, her flame burns to light those very same shadows. When we are ready, we can follow this flame and begin our journey with her to the “other side” of life.

Known for her compassion, kindness, and mercy, this beautiful young white robed goddess can help us when things in life seem to be out of touch. When we are frustrated or feel exiled and left out - Kwan Yin is a friend.

She is an ally to women, children, and animals. Her horses and her dragons provide a way over the bridge between the nine dimensions of the universe and she is able to guide us through each of them - with meditation and constant persistence.

Just thinking about her or sharing her name with others invokes her. She is known to be the easiest of spiritual deities to get in touch with because she hears all, sees all, and knows all.

I believe; however, it is her purity of spirit that sets her apart.

Her compassion to be empathetic to the suffering and pureness to help those who cry out for mercy transcends any hold religion has on us. Connecting with our own inner spirit and finding a way to be pure - not simply cleansed of our sins but to also have a willingness to do better means the world to Kwan Yin.

Purity of heart is a quality many of us don’t take into consideration. In a fast paced and brutally merciless society, it is easy to see why so many of us get lost, fall by the wayside or go astray.

When you need something bigger than yourself to lift you up, restore your karmic balance, and bring you peace - pray to Kwan Yin.

Kwan Yin is the guide to life, compassion, and purity. She is everything.

May the Goddess of Mercy always have a place in your heart.