Odin, Fairy Father

A look at Odin both as a god and fairy. Looking at his lore in today's pop culture compared to the ancient days of the Vikings.

You know him as The All-Father. You know him as Thor’s father. You know him as the Norse father. But you may not know he is the father of us all.

At least some would say…:)

Odin, the ancient Norse deity is classified as a magician, lord, king, and - depending upon how you honor him, a fairy or god. As centuries pass, our perception of Odin has changed dramatically.

Today, many of us have seen The All-Father depicted in books and movies like Marvel’s popular superhero movie, Thor. But in ancient times, he was seen as the king of Heaven or Valhalla.

How do you see Odin?

If you were to ask the Vikings and those associated with the Norse culture, they will probably tell you that Odin is a god. Maybe, even THE God. He is the lord of all knowledge and he will be the one called into the battle of Ragnarök when the world begins its end.

If you were to ask other cultures like those from the Germanic and Scandinavian communities, they may say that Odin is nothing more than a VERY powerful fairy. One whose magical powers can help fairy the dead souls to the underworld and help the living understand their life’s purpose.

Regardless of how you view him, Odin is someone to be invoked when you need more than spiritual guidance. He is there to learn the lessons in life with you. His thirst for knowledge will never be quenched and by invoking his name you invoke his power.

With all the noise surrounding the story of Thor; Odin and Loki (Thor’s half-brother), tend to be overlooked. We must not forget that above all, Odin is a spiritual deity and must be honored as such.

I often wonder with all the comic books, movies, stories, and shows we have access to today will distort the reputation of Odin (and other deities for that matter). Will future generations see these deities in a different light?

While there is no right or wrong answer to how you see Odin or other spiritual deities, it is still important that we honor them for who they truly are.

It is so easy for us to get lost in the magic that is Marvel. Superheroes fighting against all odds can inspire us to do the same in our lives. However, it is these very same movies and shows that can often paint an inaccurate picture of history.

For spiritualists, pagans, witches, shamans (especially in the case of Odin), and other esoteric enthusiasts or practitioners, I believe it is important to understand the whole story of a spirit we are invoking. It is not enough to just get the “gist” of a deity.

We must practice with respect and the knowledge that we invoke spirits to help empower us when we can no longer help ourselves. So, when you invoke a fairy god like Odin; be sure to understand his story both context and meaning. Do not let yourself be thwarted by the fantasized worlds pop culture so often presents.

Be one with Odin. Invoke him for self-expression, eloquence, knowledge, new perspectives, and wisdom. Just like the fairy god himself, don’t believe what you hear or what you see. The willingness to go beyond the lines of the known and into the unknown are how Odin found his true powers.

I believe he will help you find yours…