Mythical Musings
Mythical Musings
Horus: The Divine Child

Horus: The Divine Child

His story is ancient and his roots are of the gods, but who is Horus? Why is he so mysterious and what can we learn from this prophesised savior?

In episode 5, season 4 of Mythical Musings, The Podcast we explore the myth of Horus - the peaceful warrior. His eye is famous as an amulet of protection and his story is deeply rooted in ancient legend and lore. But how significant is this divine child to today’s Egyptian culture?

Episode Highlights

  • Horus’ ancient and primordial roots; his relation to Isis and Osiris

  • The battle between Horus and Seth for the omnipotent rule over Egypt

  • The “curse” of his healing eye and how to invoke his protection

  • His roots as a psychopomp and his rule alongside Isis, Mother Goddess

  • His impact on Egyptian and Wiccan culture today

Horus is the all-knowing god that can help you transition from one period to the next. This episode takes a short but deep dive into his amazing story and the reasons why he is still so powerful in today’s spiritual culture.

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Mythical Musings
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