Jan 10, 2022 • 46M

Virgin Mary: Mother of God

Yes, the omnipotent God even has a mother he just can't say "no" too.

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A conversation about unusual spirits who come to life when you least expect it!
Episode details

In season 4, episode 2 of Mythical Musings, The Podcast we honor the Virgin Mary who sits at the side of her son, God. Who is the Virgin Mary and why is she revered throughout religious and secular culture? We explore her history, her story, and her life in this tale about the “sorrowful woman.”

Episode Highlights:

  • The prophecy that Mary was destined to bring forth to this world

  • Major events including Gabriel’s Visitation & The Nativity

  • The Great Presentation and her association with the Jewish oracle, Simeon

  • The seven swords the were to pierce her heart and her talk with prophetess Anna

  • Her strength, faith, and love and how we can invoke those qualities in our daily lives

  • References to her being associated with Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy

This special episode highlights the myths and truths about Mary and how she fulfilled her destiny. Her pact with God gave her a life of great suffering but that suffering made her Queen of Heaven. We deep dive into who Blessed Virgin Mary truly was a human and truly is as a great spirit.

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