Baba Yaga, Iron-Nosed Hag

But is she really just a hag? Or a true nature fairy?!


In this episode we explore the myth and folklore surrounding the old Russian spirit, Baba Yaga. Also known as the “iron-nosed hag,” the story of Baba Yaga has been passed down from generation to generation. The moral? “Be good children or Baba Yaga will eat you!” (No, that’s not at all frightening ;))

Episode Highlights

  • Who is Baba Yaga? Why she known as a cannibal, skull-loving hag?

  • Baba Yaga and the nature spirits known as Rusalki

  • Invoking Baba’s magic for strength, power, and wisdom

  • The history behind her fairy lore and her alter ego, Jezibaba

  • Connecting with her as an ally instead of a threat

Baba Yaga may not be the nicest fairy, but she is by no means as spiteful as some other fairies. With the right intentions, she can be your ally and friend. The depth of her story goes beyond her need to eat humans. This episode explores just how powerful her magick can be in your life!

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