Odin, The All-Father

The air fairy who has ties to the gods!


In the first episode of Season 2, Mythical Musings, The Podcast; we honor a figure who some see as a god and others see as another kind of spiritual being; a fairy!

If you are familiar with the stories of old or Marvel, then you probably know a lot about Thor and his brother Loki. There is another man you also have more than likely heard of and are “somewhat” familiar with; Odin, The All-Father (their father.)

This episode explores the mythos that is Odin and why he is classified in the Norse and Viking culture as both god and fairy!

Episode Highlights:

  • Odin and the controversy surrounding his spiritual classification; fairy or god?

  • The true history of Odin compared to the stories in today’s pop culture

  • The women in his life and why there are essential to his magic

  • Runes, Wild Hunt, Ragnarök, and other popular Odin stories

  • His magical prowess including seoir magic and healing/herb magic

  • Invoking Odin for good omens and how to invoke his magic for wisdom

Odin is the all-knowing Norse deity who never stops learning. This episode will teach you a thing or two about who the All-Father truly is and how his wisdom can guide you in life!

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